The conference will cover all aspects of bonding wafers and comparable substrates from basic research to industrial applications, so any contribution about this is welcome. Beside this general approach this year the focus will be on the following topics:

• Wafer Bonding for electronics and multisystem integration
• Metal based Wafer Bonding Technologies
• Temporary Wafer Bonding for Wafer Thinning and Thin Wafer Handling
• Wafer Bonding in Industrial Processes: Processes Stability and Reliability
• Enabling new Technologies and Devices for modern Applications by Wafer Bonding
• Low and room temperature wafer bonding
• The future of Wafer Bonding




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PRE - EVENING RECEPTION 2017-11-27  | 04:00pm - 06.30pm

  PROGRAM TUESDAY 2017-11-28
09:00  am R. KnechtelTechnical Chair -Welcome and Opening
09:05  am L. Peng - Local Chair IMEC - Welcome by Local organizers
09:10  am A. Jourdain - Local Chair IMEC - Presentation of the hosting organisations
09:20  am D. Van Thourhout - Univeristy Gent - Keynote: Wafer bonding for silicon photonics and laser applications
  Session  1  Wafer Bonding Applications I - Chair: Roy Knechtel
09:50 am  M. Winkler - BOSCH - Two different cavity pressures in a single MEMS chip realized in one bonding process
10:05  am  A. Sanz-Velasco - IMT Masken und Teilungen AG - Low temperature bonding of structured glass substrates for life science application
10:20  am  A. Stassen - IMEC - Tape-assisted fusion bonding for wafers with through Si holes
10:35  am  Coffee break
  Session  2  Low Temperature Bonding - Chair: K.-D. Hobart / T. Suga
11:00  am  H. Re - University Tokyo - Surface Activated Bonding Methods for Low-Temperature Cu/SiO2 and Cu/Adhesive Bonding
11:15  am  X. Wang - KTH Stockholm - Low-Temperature Wafer-Level Vacuum Packaging Featuring Narrow Footprint Copper Sealing Rings
11:30  am  Ch. Flötgen - EV Group - Structural and Electrical Characterization of Room Temperature, Oxide-free, Si Bond Interface
11:45  am  M. Baum - Fraunhofer ENAS - Cu-Cu low temperature bonding with surface pre-treatment methods
12:00  am  F. Dreisow - Fraunhofer IOF - Low temperature bonding of dielectric coated prisms for beam splitter applications
12:15  am  Lunch break
01:30  pm Poster Flash Session  - Chair: R. Knechtel
   click here to see the list of submitted posters
  Session  3  Charaterization - Chair: M. Eichler / D. Dussault
02:30  pm  F. Fournel - CEA, Leti - Impact of Water Movement on Direct Bonding Characterization
02:45  pm  M. Liao - UCLA - Interface misorientation, lattice mismatch, and passivation: Electrical transportacross III-V bonded structures
03:00  pm  N. Razek - EV Group - Room temperature SiC/SiC and Si/SiC direct wafer bonding
 03:15  pm  Coffee break
  Session  4  Wafer Bonding Applications II - Chair: M. Wiemer / Ch. Landesberger
 04:00  pm  C.S. Tan - Nanyang Technological University - Germanium-on-silicon nitride (GON) for mid-IR photonic applications
 04:15  pm  A. Malainou - IMEC - Cavity Wafer Bonding after Deep Silicon Etch
  04:30  pm  T. Shimatsu - Tohoku University - Room Temperature Bonding of Wafers using Thin Metal Films for Optical Device Fabrications
  04:45  pm  H. Ishida - SUSS MicroTec Lithography - Wafer Bonding with Novel Method for Improved Post-Bond Alignment for High Volume Production in MEMS Applications
 05:00  pm  Social event



 SESSION 5 Fundamentals - Chairs:  F. Fournel / A. Jourdain
 09:15  am D. Dussault - proSys Inc. - Cleaning Processes for Wafer Bonding
 09:45  am V. Larrey - CEA, Leti - Direct bonding mechanisms with SiOCH3 porous ultra low k layers
 10:15  am  G. A. Maier - Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH - 3D SubModell Approach to Introduce Surface Roughness to Cu-SiO2 Hybride Wafer Bonding Simulation
 10:30  am  Coffee break
 Session 6  3D Integration - Chair: M. Petzold / D. Van Thourhout
 11:00  am S. Dempwolf - X-FAB MEMS Foundry Erfurt GmbH - Heterogeneous System Integration by Waferbonding and Micro-Transfer-Printing
 11:15  am O. O. Okudur - IMEC - Thermomechanical aspects of wafer-to-wafer copper–dielectric hybrid bonding for 3D integrated circuits
 11:30  am Ch. Kaden - Fraunhofer IPMS - Customized B-SOI wafers - Integration of Additional Interconnects into the Handle Wafer
 11:45  am J. De Vos - IMEC - Influence of wafer-to-wafer bond alignment on via-last patterning for 3DSOC applications
 12:00  am B. Rebhahn - EVG Group - Low and room temperature metal thermo-compression wafer bonding
12:15  pm  Lunch break
 Session 7  Temporary and Adhesive Bonding - Chair: L. Peng / F. Fournel
 01:20  pm Ch. Landesberger - Faunhofer EMFT - New Concept for Cost Efficient Temporray Wafer Bonding by Electrostatic Forces: "E-Foil"
 01:50  pm T. Rogers - AML - A new carrier for temporary bonding featuring a fluoropolymer with temperature controlled stiction
 02:05  pm  J. Bertheau - IMEC - Development of wafer-level adhesive bonding for fine-pitch 3-D connections
 02:20  pm  K. Zoschke - Fraunhofer IZM - Laser Direct Patterning of Polymer Resins for Structured Adhesive Wafer to Wafer Bonding
 02:35  pm  A. Draisey - AML - Characterisation of a new adhesive for wafer bonding
02:50  pm  Coffee break
 Session 8  Low Temperature Bonding - Chair: R. Knechtel
 03:10  pm  T. Suga - Univeristy Tokyo - Review Presentation: Low Temperature Bonding
 03:45  pm  R. Knechtel - Technical Chair - Closing Remarks
 04:00  pm  Lab Tour IMEC