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P1 K. D. Hobart - Naval Research Labatory - SiC MEMS technology based on wafer bonding and deep etching
P2 N. Razek - EV Group - Plasma activated wafer bonding of LiTaO3 and LiNbO3
P3 S. Brand - Fraunhofer IWMS - High-Resolution inspection for Bonding Voids in Solid-Liquid-Interdiffusion (SLID) Bond interfaces by acoustic GHz-Microscopy
P4 B. Beekley - UCLA - Interface Evolution of Au-Au Thermocompression Bonding
P5 M. Eichler - Fraunhofer IST - Improved bonding behavior by plasma coating for roughened glass surfaces
P6 F. Buja - IMEC - Influence of contact area on oxide-oxide fusion bonding quality between 200mmquartz and silicon wafers.
P7 D. W√ľnsch - Fraunhofer ENAS - Temporary wafer bonding using room temperature mechanical release for MEMS devices
P8 V. Masteika - AML - Optimisation of New Automated Maszara Testing Tool
P9 C. Rothhardt - Fraunhofer IOF - Direct boding of laser crystals
P10 F. Inoue - IMEC - Edge Shape Control for Wafer to Wafer Bonding
P11 X. Zhang - University of Shanghai - The investigation on improving interface of the InP/Si Wafer Direct Fusion Bonding