You are invited to present your latest results in wafer bonding technologies and their application in microsystems of any kind, to demonstrate the use of wafer bonding in complex devices, to share information regarding wafer bonding equipment, bond testing methodology, and finally to meet your peers in this field for fruitful discussion.

The conference will cover all aspects of bonding wafers and comparable substrates from basic research to industrial applications, so any contribution about this is welcome. Beside this general approach this year the focus will be on the following topics:

Wafer Bonding for electronics and multisystem integration
Metal based Wafer Bonding Technologies
Temporary Wafer Bonding for Wafer Thinning and Thin Wafer Handling
Wafer Bonding in Industrial Processes: Processes Stability and Reliability
Enabling new Technologies and Devices for modern Applications by Wafer Bonding
Low and room temperature wafer bonding
The future of Wafer Bonding

Especially for these exciting topics there will be invited key notes complemented by the contributions we hope to get from the wafer bonding community and from you.



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